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Aitkin, Don
 A Cool Look at Global WarmingPDF
Alexander, Will
 Climate Change: A View from the Other Side of the EquatorPDF
 Linkages between solar activity, climate predictability and water resource developmentPDF
 Scientific Aspects of the Garnaut Review [The author is a senior officer in an organisation which would take a dim view of this contribution being publicly attributed to him]PDF
Archibald, David
 Comments on Solar Cycle 23: July 25, 2008PDF
 Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United StatesPDF
 Failure to WarmPDF
 The Past and Future of ClimatePDF
 Solar Cycles 24 and 25 and Predicted Climate ResponsePDF
Baliunas, Dr Sallie
 The Kyoto Protocol and Global WarmingPDF
Bernardi, Senator Cory
 Launch of Thank God for Carbon in Adelaide, 27 January 2009HTML
Bush, US President George W.
 Letter in replyHTML
Carter, Bob
 The Futile Quest for Climate ControlPDF
 Knock, Knock: Where is the Evidence for Dangerous Human-Caused Global Warming?PDF
 The Myth of Dangerous Human-Caused Climate ChangePDF
 A Dangerous Climate: Humancaused global warmingthe need for reassessmentPDF
 Human-caused Global WarmingPDF
 Public Misperceptions of Human-Caused Climate Change: The Role of the MediaPDF
Castles, Ian
 Letter to Dr Pachauri concerning A. Barrie Pittock's book Climate ChangeHTML
Castles, Ian and
David Henderson
 The Castles-Henderson Critique: The Second StrikePDF
 IPCC Issues: A Swag of DocumentsHTML
Christy, John R.
 Kyoto Global Warming Treaty's Impact on Ohio's Coal Dependent CommunitiesHTML
Clough, Hal
 The Australian Greenhouse Office's Numbers---What do They Mean?HTML
Cohn, Walter
 Letter to a ColleagueHTML
Costella, John
 The Climategate EmailsPDF
Curtin, Tim
 Econometrics and the Science of Climate Change [Paper accepted for Australian Conference of Economists, ANU, July 10th-14th 2011]PDF
 The Garnaut Reviews' Omissions of Material FactsPDF
 Australia's Garnaut Report: A Review Article [A longer version of the article published by Quadrant in January 2009]PDF
 The Garnaut Draft Report: A CommentPDF
 Letter to The AustralianHTML
 Garnaut, the Greens, and the browning of Australia and the WorldPDF
 The Da Vinci Code of Climate Change EconomicsPDF
de Freitas, CR
 Are observed changes in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere really dangerous?PDF
Dutton, Denis and Wolfgang Kasper
 Green ProtectionismPDF
Eminent scientists
 Letter to Paul MartinPDF
Evans, David
  Is the Western Climate Establishment Corrupt?PDF
 The New Trend in Climate Alarmism [First published by ABC Unleashed 16 July 2009]PDF
 Global Warming: A Classic Case of AlarmismPDF
 The ETS: Completely Unnecessary [First published by ABC Unleashed 19 December 2008]PDF
 Global Warming Science Moves OnHTML
 Links to EvidencePDF
 The Missing Greenhouse SignaturePDF
 Show us the Evidence, Penny Wong!HTML
 Carbon Emissions Don't Cause Global WarmingPDF
 My Life With the AGO and Other ReflectionsPDF
 Why I Bet against Global WarmingHTML
Evans, Ray
 Copenhagen: End Game for Green Imperialism [originally published in Quadrant, March 2010PDF
 Back to the Nineteenth Century [with Tom Quirk, Alan Moran and a Foreword by Peter Walsh]PDF
 Thank God for Carbon [first published in hard copy in November 2008]PDF
 Remarks at the Launch of Thank God for Carbon in Perth, 25 March 2009PDF
 Remarks at the Launch of Thank God for Carbon in Adelaide, 27 January 2009HTML
 Letter to Andrew Robb, AO MPHTML
 Satanic Gas: The Politics of Carbon DioxidePDF
 The Chilling Costs of Climate CatastrophismPDF
 The Mad Rush to Decarbonise: Ross Garnaut's Unmeetable ChallengePDF
 'Rehabilitating Carbon Dioxide': An OverviewHTML
 Reflections on the Global Warming DebatePDF
 Nine Facts about Climate ChangeHTML
 Remarks at the launch of Nine Facts About Climate ChangePDF
 The IPCC and AR4PDF
 Nine Facts about Climate ChangePDF
 Remarks at the launch of Nine LiesPDF
 Nine Lies About Global WarmingPDF
 Reflections on Energy and Energy PolicyPDF
 The Impact of the Castles-Henderson Critique on the IPCCPDF
 The Kyoto Protocol and the Statistical Problem with CO2 EmissionsPDF
 Enron and the Politics of InfluenceHTML
 The Greenhouse-warming Debate is Hotting UpHTML
 Australia in the CrossHairsHTML
 The Kyoto Protocol: Fast Road to Global GovernanceHTML
Evans, Ray and
Rachel Daly
 Obituary: John DalyHTML
Evans, Ray, et al.
 The Temperature Data: Evidence for What?HTML
Expert Scientists
 Open Kyoto to DebateHTML
Foster, Bob
 Submission to the Australian Senate on the Inquiry into the Kyoto Protocol Ratification Bill 2003 [No. 2]PDF
 Greenhouse Policymakers: You are on Your Own NowHTML
 Climate Change Made Easy: It's the SunHTML
 CSIRO and the Greenhouse Game: Player Yes, Umpire NoHTML
 Good News for Nobel LaureatesHTML
 The Carbon Challenge: should Australia decarbonise?HTML
 IPCC's Third Assessment Report: Too Much 'Imagination Block'PDF
 On how the journal Naturehas recently got some things badly wrong in the Greenhouse debateHTML
 Climate Change: Don't Forget the ScienceHTML
 The Kyoto Protocol: Don't Forget the SciencePDF
Franks, Stewart W
 Multidecadal climate variability: Flood and Drought---New South WalesPDF
  Emissions not Making Rivers Run Dry HTML
French, Seamus
 Follow the EU and US on a carbon price or we will just export jobs (First published in The Australian on 4 April 2011)HTML
Gray, Vincent
 Scary PassionHTML
 The Global Warming ScamPDF
Gray, William M.
 Hurricanes and Climate Change: Assessing the Linkages Following the 2006 SeasonPDF
Hagel, US Senator Chuck
 Moving Beyond Kyoto: A Responsible Approach to Climate ChangeHTML
Hagel, US Senator Chuck, et al.
 Letter to US President George W. BushHTML
Hammer, Michael
 A Theoretical Analysis of the Effect of Greenhouse Gases in the AtmospherePDF
Hartley, Rolfe
and E.C.'George' Fox
 An Exchange of Letters between two Australian engineersPDF
Henderson, David
 The Treatment of Economic Issues by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeHTML
Hitchens, Michael
 Political and Economic Consequences of the Kyoto Protocol: Post-Bonn ObservationsHTML
Howard, Prime Minister John
 Letter to US President George W. BushHTML
Illarionov, Andrei
 Press Conference with Presidential Economic Adviser Andrei IllarionovHTML
 Press Conference with Presidential Economic Adviser Andrei IllarionovHTML
Jensen, Dennis
 Remarks at the launch of Nine Facts About Climate ChangeHTML
Keenan, Douglas
 China Temperature Data Now TaintedPDF
 An Analysis of European Vineyard DataHTML
Kellow, Aynsley
 The Failure of the Kyoto ProcessHTML
Kininmonth, Bill
  IPCC at a crossroad with fifth climate change report HTML
  Clausius Clapeyron and the Regulation of Global Warming [First published in il Nuovo Saggiatore, Vol 26, nos 5-6]PDF
 Southeast Australian Heatwave and Victorian Firestorm, January-February 2009HTML
 Illusions of Climate SciencePDF
 Launching speech for Climate Change: A Natural HazardHTML
 University of Tasmania Debate: "that global warming is the biggest threat humankind faces in the 21st Century"HTML
 Legislation Will Not Mitigate Climate Change: A response to Alan Dupont of the Lowy InstituteHTML
 Climate Change: A Natural HazardPDF
Kininmonth, William and George Fox
 Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change: Is Carbon Dioxide a Problem?HTML
Landsea, Chris
 An Open Letter to the CommunityHTML
Lavoisier Group
 Submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review;
Appendix A; Appendix B; Appendix C
 Comment on Scientific Issues in the Stern Review PapersPDF
 Media ReleaseHTML
 The Kyoto Protocol: Should Australia Ratify?PDF
 Submission to the Senate References Committee for the Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, re The Renewable Energy (Electricity) Bill, Renewable Energy (Electricity) (Charge) Bill 2000PDF
 Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties Inquiry into The Kyoto ProtocolPDF
Lindzen, Richard S.
 Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?PDF
 Testimony before the US Senate Commerce Committee on 1 May 2001 (Summary)PDF
 Testimony before the US Senate Commerce Committee on 1 May 2001 (Full testimony)PDF
Mackey, Richard
 Rhodes W FairbridgePDF
 Rhodes Fairbridge and the idea that the solar system regulates the Earth's climatePDF
McClintock, Ian
 Proof that CO2 is not the Cause of the Current Global WarmingHTML
McGauchie, Donald
 Greenhouse and AgricultureHTML
McKitrick, Ross
 An Economist's Perspective on Climate Change and the Kyoto ProtocolPDF
Moore, Des
 Global Warming and Uncertainty: What is the appropriate response?PDF
 Global Warming---Is it Really a Threat?PDF
 How Big Can Global Carbon Markets Get?PDF
Moran, Alan
 Back to the Nineteenth Century [with Tom Quirk, Ray Evans and a Foreword by Peter Walsh]PDF
Morgan, Hugh
 President's Report 2010HTML
 Carbon Blackmail Doesn't Lead to Greener FutureHTML
 Opening Address to the Lavoisier GroupHTML
 Greenhouse, Sustainability and Industry: An Industry ViewPDF
 Greenhouse, Sustainability and Industry: An Industry ViewHTML
Ollier, Cliff
 Tuvalu---the touchstone of global warming and rising sea levelHTML
 Glaciers - Science and NonsensePDF
  Ice shelf break-up and sea level change PDF
 Lysenko and Global WarmingHTML
 Memories of Rhodes FairbridgeHTML
 The Greenland-Antarctica Melting Problem Does Not ExistPDF
 Review of Nils Axel Mörner'sThe Greatest Lie Ever ToldHTML
 Glaciers and Ice SheetsHTML
Oxley, Alan
 The Kyoto ChimeraHTML
Paltridge, Garth
 Letter toThe AustralianHTML
Parbo, Sir Arvi
 Launch of Heaven + Earth in Melbourne, 6 May 2009HTML
 Comments at Launch of Nine Facts About Climate ChangePDF
 An Extract from the Paper 'On Mining and Minerals'HTML
Plimer, Ian
 Stop Climate ChangeHTML
Quirk, Tom
 An Almanac of the Atmosphere or The State of the Climate 2011PDF
 Back to the Nineteenth Century [with Alan Moran, Ray Evans and a Foreword by Peter Walsh]PDF
 The Australian Temperature Anomaly, 1910--2000PDF
 Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own factsPDF
Raiche, Art
 Review of The Deniers [First published in Preview December 2008]PDF
Robson, Alex
 A Solution in Search of a Problem: The Shergold Report on Emissions TradingPDF
 Clean coal is all hot airHTML
Select Committee on Economic Affairs, House of Lords
 The Economics of Climate ChangePDF
Singer, S. Fred
 The Kyoto Protocol: A PostMortemPDF
Staley, Hon. Tony
 Economic Impacts on AustraliaHTML
Stone, John
 Michael Crichton on "Global Warming"PDF
Tyler, Ewan
 Rhodes Fairbridge: A Pioneer of Climate ChangeHTML
Walsh, Peter
 Back to the Nineteenth Century [Foreword]PDF
 President's Report 2009HTML
 President's Report 2008HTML
 Submission to the Garnaut EnquiryHTML
 President's Report 2007HTML
 An Open Letter to the Prime MinisterPDF
 President's Report, AGM 2002HTML
 Goodbye to Life as We Like it When the Greens Get in For Their ChopHTML
Wegman et al., Edward
 Panel of Eminent Statisticians Nails the Hockey Stick (two-page fact sheet)PDF
 Panel of Eminent Statisticians Nails the Hockey Stick (Full Report)PDF
Weiss, Gordon
 Greenhouse---The Sceptics Strike BackPDF
Wilson, Ian
 Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?PDF
Zillman, John
 Launching speech for Climate Change: A Natural HazardHTML

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