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Ray Evans, Tom Quirk
and Alan Moran
Back to the Nineteenth Century
[with a Foreword by Peter Walsh]
Evans, RayThank God for CarbonPDF
Archibald, DavidThe Past and Future of ClimatePDF
Evans, RayNine Lies About Global WarmingPDF
Archibald, DavidFailure to WarmPDF
Evans, RayNine Facts about Climate ChangeHTML
Evans, DavidThe Missing Greenhouse SignaturePDF
Wilson, IanWhich Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?PDF
Evans, DavidWhy I Bet against Global WarmingHTML
Carter, BobHuman-caused Global WarmingPDF
Baliunas, Dr SallieThe Kyoto Protocol and Global WarmingPDF
Wegman et al., EdwardPanel of Eminent Statisticians Nails the Hockey Stick
(two-page fact sheet)

Lavoisier the Man
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Where is that pesky greenhouse signature?
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