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August 2015: Des Moore, "Exposing the myths of climate change" A presentation to the Forum on Climate Change held in Noosa, July 2015]

June 2015: Interim Report of the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines [29 pages, June 2015]

May 2015: P.S. Clark, Register of Environmental Organisations [A Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment Inquiry into the administration, transparency and effectiveness of the Register of Environmental Organisations under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, 21 May 2015]

April 2015: The Climate Study Group , A New View On Climate Change Involving the Relevance of Behavioural Economics [A Submission regarding Australia's post-2020 emissions reduction target]

November 2014: John Chambers, Andrew Miller, et al., A Review of the Scientific Evidence Underlying the Imposition of a Carbon Tax or ETS in Australia [Energy & Environment reprint, Vol. 24, 2013 ]

28 October 2014: Tony Thomas, Patrick Moore Goes to War [Reproduced with permission]

3 January 2014: Paul Tilsley, 'Stuck in our own experiment': Leader of trapped team insists polar ice is melting

3 January 2014: David Archibald, A Short History of Climate Hysteria

3 January 2014: Graham Lloyd, Climate policies helped kill manufacturing, says Maurice Newman

3 January 2014: Lawrence Solomon, Why Humans Don't Have Much To Do With Climate Change

9 December 2013: Ray Evans, Vale George Fox, 1914-2012

4 December 2013: Gary Novak, Why Global Warming Science is Nothing but Fraud

4 December 2013: Ian R.G. Wilson, Personal Submission to the Senate Committee on Recent Trends in and Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events

19 October 2013: Richard Lindzen, Understanding The IPCC AR5 Climate Assessment

19 October 2013: Greg Sheridan, The great climate fiction

19 October 2013: BAMS, Father of chaos theory explains why it is impossible to predict weather & climate beyond 3 weeks

19 October 2013: Ben Webster and Sam Coates, Britain And Germany In Secret Pact To Defy EU Climate Laws

9 October 2013: Kesten C. Green, J. Scott Armstrong and Willie Soon, Climate forecast: All's well, despite what the IPCC says

9 October 2013: Des Moore, IPCC claims are proven False? An Address to Economic Society of Victoria [Note: The Figures mentioned in the text (compiled by Dr Tom Quirk) form the last 14 pages of the PDF]

27 September 2013: Dennis Jensen, Profitable path to sustainability

23 September 2013: Steven Goddard, September 21 Breaks The Record For Most Sea Ice Ever Measured At Either Pole

23 September 2013: Andrew Montford, Climatology's great dilemma

21 September 2013: Judith Curry, Consensus distorts the climate picture

21 September 2013: The Australian, Testing the climate consensus

19 September 2013: Peter C. Glover, Whatever Happened to Global Warming?

18 September 2013: Cal Thomas, Climate change ice-capped

20 May 2011: Tim Curtin, Econometrics and the Science of Climate Change [Paper accepted for Australian Conference of Economists, ANU, July 10th-14th 2011]

15 May 2011: Tom Quirk, An Almanac of the Atmosphere or The State of the Climate 2011

4 April 2011: Seamus French, Follow the EU and US on a carbon price or we will just export jobs (First published in The Australian on 4 April 2011)

19 March 2011: Tim Curtin, The Garnaut Reviews' Omissions of Material Facts

15 January 2011: William Kininmonth, Clausius Clapeyron and the Regulation of Global Warming [First published in il Nuovo Saggiatore, Vol 26, nos 5-6]

7 December 2010: Cliff Ollier, Tuvalu---the touchstone of global warming and rising sea level [First published in Online Opinion on 26 November 2010]

27 November 2010: Hugh Morgan, President's Report, 2009-2010

7 November 2010: David Evans, Is the Western Climate Establishment Corrupt?

9 April 2010: John Costella, The Climategate Emails

8 April 2010: Cliff Ollier, Glaciers - Science and Nonsense [Originally published in Geoscientist, 20 (3), March 2010]

5 April 2010: Ray Evans, Copenhagen: End Game for Green Imperialism [originally published in Quadrant, March 2010]

13 October 2009: Ray Evans, Tom Quirk and Alan Moran, Back to the Nineteenth Century [with a Foreword by Peter Walsh]

7 October 2009: Des Moore, Global Warming and Uncertainty: What is the appropriate response?

5 October 2009: Peter Walsh, President's Report 2009

27 July 2009: David Evans, The New Trend in Climate Alarmism [First published by
ABC Unleashed 16 July 2009]

21 June 2009: Sir Arvi Parbo, Launch of Heaven + Earth in Melbourne, 6 May 2009

17 June 2009: Ian McClintock, Proof that CO2 is not the Cause of the Current Global Warming

25 May 2009: Cliff Ollier, Ice shelf break-up and sea level change

14 May 2009: Ray Evans, Thank God for Carbon [first published in hard copy in November 2008]

14 April 2009: David Evans, Global Warming: A Classic Case of Alarmism

29 March 2009: Ray Evans, Remarks at the Launch of Thank God for Carbon in Perth, 25 March 2009

19 February 2009: William Kininmonth, Southeast Australian Heatwave and Victorian Firestorm, January-February 2009

16 February 2009: Anonymous, Scientific Aspects of the Garnaut Review [The author is a senior officer in an organisation which would take a dim view of this contribution being publicly attributed to him]

27 January 2009: Senator Cory Bernardi, Launch of Thank God for Carbon in Adelaide, 27 January 2009

27 January 2009: Ray Evans, Remarks at the Launch of Thank God for Carbon in Adelaide, 27 January 2009

17 January 2009: Tim Curtin, Australia's Garnaut Report: A Review Article [A longer version of the article published by Quadrant in January 2009]

7 January 2009: Ray Evans, Letter to Andrew Robb, AO MP

22 December 2008: David Evans, The ETS: Completely Unnecessary [First published by ABC Unleashed, 19 December 2008]

3 December 2008: Art Raiche, Review of The Deniers [First published in Preview December 2008]

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