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Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - Mauna Loa

Greenhouse Gases Data

Junk Science Temperature Graphs

University of Alabama in Huntsville (Satellite Temperatures)

Remote Sensing Systems (Satellite Temperatures)

Hadley Centre (Satellite and Land Temperatures)

Goddard Institute, NASA (Land and Ocean Temperatures)

Solar Influences Data Analysis Center


Solar Cycle 24

Sea Level Changes (Uni of Colorado)

Australian Bureau of Meteorology (Climate)

Websites and Blogs

Australian Climate Science Coalition

Bad Ecology

Carbon Sense Coalition

Climate Audit

Climate Change Facts

Climate Change Fraud

Climate Debate Daily

Climate Police

Climate Science

CO2 Sceptics

CO2 Science

Cornwall Alliance

David Archibald

Douglas Keenan

Friends of Science

Global Warming Index

Global Warming Issues

Global Warming Petition Project

Heartland Institute

I Love Carbon Dioxide

I Love My Carbon Dioxide


International Climate Science Coalition

Jennifer Marohasy

Junk Science

Monckton Papers

NIPCC - Suisse

NZ Climate Science Coalition

Really Real Climate

Science and Public Policy Institute

Still Waiting for Greenhouse

The Climate Bet

The Global Warming Skeptic

The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Marshall Institute

The Other Side of the Global Warming Debate

The Scientific Alliance

The Sun and the Earth's Climate

Tim Curtin

Tom Nelson

Warwick Hughes blog

What's Up With That

World Climate Report

Lavoisier the Man
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