The Temperature Data: Evidence for What?

Ray Evans, David Buckingham and Graeme Pearman

August 2000

The attached PDF contains an exchange of views between Ray Evans (Secretary, Lavoisier Group), David Buckingham, (Executive Director of the Business Council of Australia), and Graeme Pearman (Chief of Division, CSIRO Atmospheric Research) upon the relevance of certain temperature data sets and what might reasonably be inferred from them in the 'Greenhouse' debate.

Business interests in Australia are increasingly aware that if the Kyoto Protocol is 'enforced', significant costs will be imposed, either directly or indirectly, on all Australian businesses and consumers. The carbon withdrawal regime prescribed in the Kyoto Protocol is entirely based on assumptions about the way in which the earth's atmosphere responds to increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide. Before we commit ourselves to costly compliance measures, it is important, therefore, that we get the science right, and that we respond to whatever real problems might develop in a timely, sober and intelligent manner.

The Lavoisier Group is concerned that many businesses and their sector organisations have already committed themselves, if not formally then de facto, at a time when the science is under increasing challenge, to a regime of carbon withdrawal. The Business Council of Australia, which facilitated the following exchange of views, is clearly in this camp.

The exchange falls into three parts:

  • Pages 1-4 present some initial data and arguments about a group of temperature data sets and what might be inferred from them;
  • Pages 5-8 present Dr Pearman's response to those arguments, together with some broader points on science and policy;
  • Pages 9-16 present Ray Evans's criticisms of Dr Pearman's position as well as some further points about science and public policy on Greenhouse.

To download the PDF, please click here

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