Vale Bob Foster, 1931--2014

Bob Foster was born in Darwin in September 1931. His father had built up a legal practice there but when WWII broke out he was commissioned as a legal officer in the AIF. He served in that role not only during hostilities but after the War with the Japanese War Crimes Tribunal.

When Bob was eight he was sent to Adelaide to go to school and he completed his education with a degree in civil engineering from the University of Adelaide. But his first love was geology and he won prizes as a student in that subject.

He went on to become a petroleum geologist of distinction, one consequence of which was continuing travel from one oil production site to another, all over the world. He worked for Royal Dutch Shell, and his wife, Jan, gave birth to their children in three different foreign locations.

Getting tired of frequent travel he resigned from Shell and came to Melbourne looking for work just when BHP discovered the oil and gas deposits in Bass Strait. So Bob went to BHP and went on to become their senior exploration geologist and head of their oil and gas division.

Although he was of a kindly disposition, was fond of jokes, and had an infectious laugh, he was incensed when so many professional colleagues climbed on the global warming gravy train. He was one of the first scientifically trained sceptics to engage in the long drawn-out guerilla war against the global warming scam, and the professional institutions which disgraced themselves by climbing on this gravy train.

He wrote many short, single page tracts which he would hand out at the many meetings he attended. His constant theme was that mankind did not control the climate; the sun was responsible for our climate, and that the assumption that by controlling the CO2 tap, mankind could change the global temperature, was both arrogant and ludicrous.

He was a founding member of the Lavoisier Group, a society organized to engage in the war over "global warming" (or its euphemism "climate change"), and helped to organize and distribute its publications.

Bob died on March 31 after a protracted battle with cancer.

Ray Evans

Bob Foster's contributions to the Lavoisier Website.

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